Kids Day 2019
Kids Day 2019
America / International™
                     Chiropractic's #1 Day
#1 Day
#1 Community Special Event Day!
#1 Marketing Event for NP's!
#1 For Branding Your Practice!
                                   #1 Community Special Event Day!
                                   #1 Marketing Event for NP's!
                                   #1 For Branding Your Practice!
Start 30-200 New Patients from One Day!
              Start 30-200 New Patients from One Day!
25th Anniversary Edition
Now upgraded & enhanced
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Listen to their Amazing Results! And since these Doctors transformational events, Kids Day has gotten 10X better!
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"The Kid's Day America/International movement spawned simply out of our sheer desire to serve more children and reveal the incredible benefits of Chiropractic care to our community. Now it has reached epic over 2,000 Chiropractors around the globe have shared in this Kid's Day vision. And hundreds of thousands of children have started care in those offices. We are truly honored and grateful you wish to join us."
- Drs. Stuart & Theresa Warner
Watch as Dr. Ed Osburn interviews the Warner's about this Amazing Movement:
WHAT CAN First time participants EXPECT?
After 25 years we have your success down to a science.
  • On average attract 1,000 people
  • Screen hundreds of children in one day!
  • Start dozens of new families in their practice
  • Receive thousands of dollars of free publicity
  • Launched to the forefront of their town for helping children
  • You'll get more notoriety and authority in this one event than doctors who have been practicing for thirty years
  • $0 to plan with a huge ROI!!!
Chiropractors are always asking, 
"How do I GET more new patients?"
However, what if instead we challenged you to ask a different question....a better question.
What could have a one day event that established: Authority, Contribution, and Massive Publicity ... essentially propelling you as THE DOCTOR IN DEMAND in your community (and seeing the returns of this accolade for the years to come)?
Kid's Day America/International Doctors experience just that (and it stretches your marketing dollars beyond measure)!
Become your communities 
'Go-To' Pediatric & Family Chiropractor... 
the 'Doctor in Demand'!
Drs. Theresa & Stuart Warner, Kids Day Founders
Kid's Day America-International has a long and successful history of bringing children and families into chiropractic offices for the past 20 plus years.
This is NOT just another marketing system. Kid's Day America/International is an event, a movement and a system to establish YOU as the 'Go-To' Doctor for children's health and wellness in your community.
what’s included:
With your exclusive licensing/hosting rights when you register to become the official Kids Day America/International™ 2019 sanctioned site, you get:
  •   Exclusivity as the official host of KDA/I™ in your community
  •   Weekly implementation teleclasses, webinars, and online modules and planning system
  •   Public relations press kit and samples
  •   KDA/I™ letters, templates and forms
  •   Social media package & implementation strategies
  •   Official 2019 KDA/I™ Proclamation, with Mayor and Governor signed samples
  •   Pediatric spinal screening procedures, & training on setting up new patient appointments
  •   Regular open coaching and implementation support calls every week, we're going to be with you throughout the entire planning process
Get ready to hit the ground running…
Public relations and marketing firms have valued this package at 
$50,000 if you wanted to recreate it.
Dr. Ed Osburn
Dr. Lacey Book &
Dr. Shawn Dill
Dr. Dan Yachter
is this for you?
Doctor! Kid's Day International is not for you if you are someone who is afraid of a little elbow grease and a line up of new patients out your door.

We like to say, "Committed to serving up Chiropractic in massive proportions...not committed to struggle."
Does this sound like you? If yes, schedule one of the limited times to apply to become part of the Kid's Day America/International movement.
Typical Case Studies from Kids Day America™ Doc's
  •    Dr. Silverman - Total Health Chiropractic – Chatanooga, TN – This was our first year doing a KDA event. The Mayor and Senator were there and also on TV and radio stations with us to help promote the event. We had great media (TV and radio) coverage. Over 50,000 flyers went out and over 1,000 people attended this event. People waited in line over 1 hour. We screened 223 kids and scheduled over 100 appointments. We were very excited it went very smoothly. Our event was a great success!
  •    Dr. Beauchamp - Healthsouth - Waldorf, MD – Over 2,500 people attended our KDA event. Approximately 250 people were screened, and we scheduled 70 appointments. It was a great event!
  •    Dr. Bobbitt – Mansfield, TX - Well over 2,000 people showed up. We lost track of how many children were screened after 669; we estimate 800-900 total. The Mayor and Miss Texas attended the event.
  • Dr.Miller – Odessa, TX – This was our first year participating in the KDA event. Over 1,000 people attended the event, and approximately 400 kids were fingerprinted. More than 75 people were screened, and we got a great response for scheduling office appointments (over 25 appointments were scheduled). It was a wonderful, wonderful event, and we’re hoping next year will double in size. It was an awesome event, and we thank you.
  • Dr. Khalsa – Pasadena, CA - Our first year KDA event was a wonderful event. Over 250 events were going on the same day in Pasadena. We had over 150 people, and 20 appointments were also scheduled. The police department was thrilled and we even honored one of the police officers. Despite the other events going on that and an extremely hot 90 degree day, everyone who attended had a great time. 
  • Dr. Brown – Atlantic Highlands, NJ – This was our 5th year doing the KDA event. Over 600 people attended in Atlantic Highlands, and we even had a former baseball player who signed autographs and took photos. We screened over 200 people and scheduled 35 appointments. It was a fantastic day. 
  • Dr. DeSano – Woodhaven, NY – This was our first year and it was a great event. Over 2,000 people attended, and more than 700 kids were fingerprinted. We scheduled 75 appointments (and 20 were paid for). It was such a great event; we had to stop people from coming in. It was an awesome event. Thank you. 
  • Dr. Carter – Sonoma, CA – This was our first KDA event. We live in a small town comprised mostly of retirement communities and we were uncertain of the turnout or amount of children that would attend. We had an incredible turnout – over 245 kids were ID’d. The police department thought this was the most incredible and largest event they have ever had. People were thrilled to be provided this service for free. 
  • Dr. Silverman - Total Health Chiropractic – Chatanooga, TN – This was our first year doing a KDA event. The Mayor and Senator were there and also on TV and radio stations with us to help promote the event. We had great media (TV and radio) coverage. Over 50,000 flyers went out and over 1,000 people attended this event. People waited in line over 1 hour. We screened 223 kids and scheduled over 100 appointments. We were very excited it went very smoothly. Our event was a great success! 
  • Dr. Lindholm – Elkhart, IN – This was our first event, and it was awesome. Over 300 people attended, and we scheduled 31 appointments. It started to rain at 11:00 a.m., but we still had a great event. Next year we plan to have a larger venue. The Fire Department and others indicated it was a great event. 
  • Dr. Kelty – Central Point, OR – This was our first KDA event, and we had over 700 attendees (450 of which were kids). We scanned 125 kids and scheduled 38 appointments. It was a totally overwhelming experience and everyone was very enthusiastic. 
  • Dr. Biberdorf – Rapid City, SD – This was our 2nd year doing KDA and over 300 people attended our event. We screened approximately 200 kids and scheduled over 100 new patient appointments. People had a “go get em” spirit. 
  • Dr. Beauchamp - Healthsouth - Waldorf, MD – Over 2,500 people attended our KDA event. Approximately 250 people were screened, and we scheduled 70 appointments. It was a great event! 
  • Dr. McKim – Nampa, ID – This was our first year doing KDA and over 1,000 people attended the event. We screened 300 people. Walmart called and asked us for more flyers. It was a fantastic day! 
  • Dr. Kerszko - Bradford, RI - Everything came off without a hitch. Over 900 people attended the event which resulted in 24 appointments booked. The Police and Dentist were “overwhelmed” with the amount of people. 
  • Dr. James - Summerville - SC - Smashing, Awesome. At least 300-400 people showed up, the doctors never looked up, and at least 100 kids were screened. Approximately 10 people have started care since the event. The town was totally supportive. 
  • Dr. Yoder – Lexington, SC - This was our 5th year, and the most successful ever. We estimate that nearly 5,000 people walked through the event that we held in our town park. We are still counting the new patients. 
  • Dr. Bobbitt – Mansfield, TX - Well over 2,000 people showed up. We lost track of how many children were screened after 669; we estimate 800-900 total. The Mayor and Miss Texas attended the event. 
  • Dr. Veale - Orange Beach, AL - Approximately 300 people attended the event, we screened between 180-200 kids, and set appointments for 15. We have had even more people call and schedule appointments since the event. Local restaurants donated more than enough food for the day. Our local zoo brought some of their animals, and we had a local band playing during the day. 
  • Dr. Flores - San Diego, CA - We signed up 25 new patients, and ID cards were issued to approximately 250-300 kids. Kids came from the local high school to do face painting and help out. The local newspaper was there taking pictures. The Fire Department thought it was “awesome.” 
  • Dr. Sheader - Grand Junction, CO - This was our 3rd year, and it was three times as big as ever. Over 600 people attended, and we scanned over 200 kids. We got 34 new patients, which we have been very busy working with this week (week after). We had very good community support. 
  • Dr. Stranko – Weatherfield, CT - This was our first year doing a Kids Day event. Approximately 200 people attended, we screened 52 kids, and we booked 6 appointments. Most of the appointments were for more than one child, and they are still calling to make appointments. 
  • Dr. Maier - Port St Lucie, FL - The turnout was better than we were expecting. About 500 people attended, and we screened 100. We scheduled approximately 15 appointments (two of them have been in today already). We had an article in the newspaper the day after. People were asking for next year’s date. One of my patients saw several children around town wearing the event T-shirts. 
  • Dr. Schramm - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - This was our first year, and we learned a lot. We’re excited about next year, and we are looking for a larger venue. About 300 people attended, we screened 100, and scheduled 12-15 appointments. 
  • Dr. Jay - Bradenton, FL - Things went very well. Approximately 1,200-1,500 people attended the event, 700 kids were screened, and we made 70 appointments. Two police and two fire departments were represented, and remarked, “ ..this was one of the biggest events we’ve attended.” Next year we’re looking for a larger location. 
  • Dr. Daly - Titusville, FL - This was our second year. It was a wonderful day, and it went much better than last year. We estimate that 250-300 people attended the event, we scanned right around 100, and booked 9 appointments. Our Mayor came this year. Already some of the participants are asking to reserve a spot for them next year. 
  • Dr. Balster – Monticello, IA - Things turned out well. I’m a first year doctor and did most of the work by myself. We had about 150 people attend the event, I scanned 56 kids and made 9 appointments (6 of them have already been in this week). I like the entire Kids Day system; it is so simple to follow. 
  • Dr. Schreiber – Tampa, FL - Thrilled with it. Excellent community support. Because of limited parking, we will be moving to a larger venue next year. We had approximately 150 people attend, and we did 80 scans. 
  • Dr. Mahoney - Columbia, MD - This was our second year, and we were more successful in every aspect than our first year. We had 300 people at our event, and we scheduled 15-20 appointments. 
  • Dr. Dorrity - Belleville, IL - This was our 8th year and the most successful yet. The Kids Day America event sells itself. Approximately 270-300 kids received ID cards, and we scheduled almost 100 appointments. 
  • Dr Slinger, Charles City, IA: This was our first year , and nearly 300 people attended the event. We scanned 120 children and made 15-20 appointments. The Mayor attended our ribbon cutting ceremony. There have been a couple of newspaper articles and pictures since the event. 
  • Drs. John & Stacy Hall - Grand Haven, MI - This was our 4th year and our biggest yet. We estimate approximately 1,000 people attended, and we’ve already seen 15 new patients this week. 
  • Dr. Chmielewicz - Charlotte, NC - It was a great time! Approximately 300 people came to the event, we scanned 83 children, and sheduled 12 appointments. We are looking forward to next year. 
  • Dr. Kary - Watertown, MN - In a town with a population of 3,500, and on a rainy day, we held our event in the community center. The center was given to us at the town council meeting because they wanted us to have it there. Approximately 40 children were screened, and I have seen 4 new patients in the week after the event. Excellent community support. 
  • Dr. Kells - Colorado Springs, CO - Our first time and it was fabulous. We estimate 3,000 people came to the event. We scheduled 61 new patient appointments with 28 of those already processed IN ONE DAY. (WOW!). Another DC came in that day to help, and we have an excellent CA who did the X-rays. The Police Department had to call for reinforcements to help with fingerprinting; they did 400 ID cards, and they were “astonished.” 
  • Dr. Stroud - Archdale, NC - After 4 years, our event still went very well. We scanned “bunches” (which is a Southern term for lots), and 15-20 people have begun care. We had excellent local support for gifts. 
  • Dr. Domanski - Savannah, GA - The event went really well. We screened nearly 200 children, and we’ve had 5 new patients in the first two days after the event. The community support was excellent. The Cumulus Radio Group donated free radio time. Our local TV news covered the event live and ran it on the 6 & 11 PM news shows. 
  • Dr. Breitbach - Evanston, IL - This was our first year. The event went pretty well. Approximately 250 people came to the event, 2 doctors screened 120 kids, and we scheduled 31 new patient appointments. 
  • Dr. Yachter – Lake Mary, FL – We had a fabulous day Saturday. We had our program from 11am-5pm at a park, and it was a phenomenal day. We had the public works and fire department at our event, the commissioner from the county presented proclamations for Governor’s office, the children’s rock band 535 played music, etc. We had several thousand people attend and well over several hundred new patient appointments were scheduled. The community really liked the event, and they can’t wait for us to do it again next year. 
  • Dr. Applegate - La Porte, IN – This was our first year doing the KDA event, and we had our event at a high school. We had about 1,000 people attend, and 52 people signed up for appointments. In one day (3 hours), we had 52 people sign-up for appointments which were more than a weeklong event we previously participated in. We had the fire department, police department, the State Farm mascot, McGruff the Crime Dog, and many people asked us if we are going to do it again next year. The community groups couldn’t believe this was the first year we were doing the event and commented how well organized it was. People were very entertained, and it was also very educational for them. We couldn’t believe the turnout for our first year. 
  • Dr. Brown – Atlantic Highlands, NJ – Even though it rained, we still had a great event. We had 300-400 people attend, and we scheduled 51 new patients for the next two weeks. This year two amazing things came out of our KDA event. 1) We had some of the sickest children come to our event and in this regard, it was the saddest year for us, but also amazing that so many of them scheduled appointments. 2) As a result of doing KDA, we are going to do a Health Fair in November with the president of the PTO. It was just a great, great day. Our event this year was a perfect flow of attendees, and it worked out very smooth. 
  • Dr. Duncan – Philadelphia, PA – This was our first year doing KDA and over 2,000 people attended our event. A congresswoman appeared for us, Ronald McDonald, the fire department, etc. The police department fingerprinted over 500 kids, and they brought their DARE representatives who discussed internet safety, etc. We had 45 new patients schedule appointments. It was an excellent turnout for us, and we were very glad. We’ve already renewed our town for KDA next year. 
  • Dr. Strachan – Seattle, WA – The was our first time doing KDA, and it was an exciting day. We even marched in a parade promoting KDA. Over 300 people attended our event, even though it was a little windy, everyone had a great time. It was a success, and we had a lot of positive feedback from people. We already signed up for next year to make it a bigger, better event for 2008. 
  • Dr. Groves – Toms River, NJ – This was our first event, and while it started off a little awkward, we got everything together. We had about 400 people come through. We had the fire department, jumping balloons for the kids, internet safety, and someone from the local hospital handed out free helmets. The mayor handed out proclamations, and he was amazed and grateful that we were there. I plan to take him out to lunch in the next couple of weeks to discuss the event, etc. We are excited about doing it again next year. 
  • Dr. Kaiser – Red Bank, NJ – This was our first year doing KDA. It rained, but we had a couple of hundred people show up. The mayor attended, and he was there about 1-1/2 hours. He was impressed with the event, and he is already planning to participate next year. 
  • Dr. DeSesa – Valencia, CA – This was our third year doing the KDA event, and by far our biggest event. We had about 300 families show up, and there was tremendous involvement from the city. Three doctors screened about 150 kids, and 50 were scheduled for new patient appointments, and more will be making appointments during the next week. The police and fire departments loved it and came up to us and said they want to know when we’re doing it next year; they want to be a part of it again. 
  • Dr. Anacker – Boise, ID – This was our first year doing KDA and about 400 people attended. It was very successful with a lot of donations, and a lot of environmental support. Everything went very well. We had about 15 new patient appointments scheduled, with more phone calls coming in. The kids had a lot of fun and the parents were very happy. 
  • Dr. Marrs – Hemet, CA – This was our second year doing KDA, and about 500 kids showed up. We had lots of community involvement, and a great response from the kids. About 25 kids were signed up for new patient appointments. The event went way better than last year, and we’re very pleased with it. The police and fire departments were surprised at the number of people coming through, and everyone wants to come back next year. 
  • Drs. Warner – Point Pleasant, NJ - About 500 people showed up at our event. We had the Police and Fire Departments as well as State Troopers, plus Sponge Bob, Elmo, etc. We also had Antonella Barba (an American Idol finalist), and she sang some great songs and signed autographs. Also, Miss Teen-Fit USA did some fitnesss demonstrations. 
  • Dr. Sabel – Lumberton, NJ – This was my first time doing KDA. Over 1,500 people attended, and we had 83 sponsors/participants/volunteers for our event. We received $3,000 in donations, and after expenses, $1,500 was donated to our charity, Habitat for Humanity. It was a tremendous day, a great event! 
  • Dr. Crystal – Hendersonville, TN – Over 700 people attended our KDA event, and we screened approximately 95 people. We signed up more than 12 new patients, and a whole lot more will be coming into the office in the next couple of weeks. Everyone appreciated the event, and we left a really good impression in the community. 
  • Dr. Biegaj – Mount Pleasant, SC – Over 500 people attended our KDA event. We held the event in a big gymnasium and the floor plan/traffic flow was laid out really well. It went smoothly, and there was lots of energy at our event. We screened more than 50 kids, and 7-8 are are scheduled as new patients with others scheduled for later this week. Everyone was happy and thrilled to participate in the event. 
  • Dr. Young - Indiana, PA – We had over 300 kids attend. 8 kids have been scheduled as new patients, and more people will be coming into my office next week. 250 helmets were donated and they were all gone halfway through our KDA event. $1,100 collected for our charity. People were really amazed at our turnout and everyone said they would be at the event again next year. 
  • Dr. Upchurch – Dickson, TN – Approximately 500 people attended; it was a mad house! 31 people were signed up as new patients. We ran out of everything – it was a great event! 
  • Dr. Gunnell - Eagle, ID – This was my first year, and we hosted the event at a local gym. Over 350 children attended, and we signed up 28 families. It was a great event, and the police/fire departments said they would do it again with us next year. 
  • Dr. Perry - Bridgewater, MA – We had a really successful event. Approximately 400-500 people attended, and we did 75 screenings. In addition, the eye mobile was at our event and did vision and hearing screenings. We raised over $1,500 for our charities. 
  • Dr. Erin Massey – St. Charles, IL – This was our first year doing KDA and over 200 people attended; it went very well. We had great community involvement and lots of sponsors who donated our food. Everyone was really excited with the event. Someone even wants me to participate at their autism event. 
  • Dr. Ball – Federal Way, WA – We had a very good KDA event. Approximately 200 people attended including the Mayor and Senator. The community was very pleased with everything. 
  • Dr. Hugh Dickinson, Paragould, AK – This was our 2nd year doing the event which was held in the community center this year! The event was a huge success; it was packed and awesome! This year we had a large sponsor with Walmart; they gave us a $1,000 grant. Everything was completely donated by the community (food, snacks, beverages, etc.), and the police, fire and rescue departments participated. We screened 340 children, 24 people scheduled appointments that day, and 46 people wanted to be called today to schedule appointments. 
  • Dr. Michael Brent Hunter, Westchester, OH – This was our second year hosting the event, and we had a great response. We had a lot more sponsors this year. Over 300 people attended this year (compared to 200 last year)! We screened 130 children, and 40 have scheduled follow-up visits; we’re really happy with that. A lot of people attended the event, including the township trustees. It was a great time for us, and we had more sponsors and attendees this year. 
  • Dr. xx, xx TN – This was our first year, and the event was a tremendous success. Over 450 people attended the event, and 330 children were screened. We will have much more community involvement at next year’s event. We had good community involvement, and a lot people were very surprised with our first year event. We were very excited and had a great day! 
  • Dr. Tony Blasco, Quakertown, PA – Despite the heavy rain and flooding (it was a rough time), we made the best of the rough weather (heaviest flooding in this area). We still had a pretty good turnout. More than 100 people attended the event, 47 children were screened, and 11 follow-up visits were scheduled (2 for tonight). The police called at 11:00 a.m. to cancel, but we went ahead with it anyway. We still had a very positive event! 
  • Dr. Todd Small, Ontario, Canada – This was our first year doing the event which was held at a prime location, the Children’s Safety Village. We had wonderful support, and we raised over $7,500 which was donated to the Children’s Safety Village. We had a lot of volunteers, and more than 3,000 people attended. Over 500 families were scanned (1 child per family) and 50 families signed up to come in the office. It was overwhelming; I’ve been scanning children in my sleep since the event! Thanks to you and keep up the good work. 
  • Dr. Megan Powell, Shallotte, NC – This was our first year of doing the event in a small town. The community and county indicated they have never seen anything like this! They couldn’t believe the support, attendance, and impact it has made on the families. The event was held at the school and people were lined up all around the building; approximately 1,000 families attended the event. We scanned about 450 children, and 93 families scheduled an office visit for this week (5 came in this morning). It was an amazing, amazing day; a phenomenal day. I had tears streaming down my eyes because of all the children and the positive impact this event has made in their lives. Due to the large crowds, we will have the event in an auditorium or civic center next year! Thank you for establishing this because we will host this event every year! 
  • Dr. Jason Leach, Lafayette, CO – This was our first year, and we were completely overwhelmed; more people attended than we expected. The Sheriff’s department ran out of fingerprinting ink at one point. The event was a tremendous success! Over 800 people attended, more than 400 kids were screened, 42 families scheduled office visits, and we saw 12 this morning. Four firemen have also signed up! We will need to host the event in a much bigger place next year (my office was too small; people were lined up outside). The Sheriff’s department told me there has never been an event like this in our area; he was very impressed. Thank you so very much for putting this together! We will be doing this again next year. 
  • Dr. Patty Long, Meridianville, AL – This was our first year, and we had a late start with some last minute work to be done with three days promotion, and a hurricane that came through. In spite of this, over 150-160 attended, 80 children were screened, and 27 office visits have been scheduled. The police officer said he couldn’t remember a time ever fingerprinting that many children. It was a learning event, but very successful, and we’re very thankful for that! 
  • Dr. Scott Pint, Pittsburgh, PA – Due to the weather and flooding, the event didn’t have the turnout we had expected. At 7:30am the morning of the event, the Police and the EMS cancelled, but the Fire Department still participated. Approximately 80-100 people attended and 30-40 kids were screened. I didn’t get to schedule appointments, but we still got the message out. Hopefully, next year will be a much bigger success, but you can’t control the weather! 
  • Donna (of Dr. Michael Norman’s office), Big Pine Key, FL – We had a great event; dodged a couple of hurricanes! Screenings were inside our office and other activities were held in the parking lot outside. We screened about 50 kids and 19 follow-up appointments have been scheduled. We’re real thrilled with the number that followed through. 
  • Dr. (female) XX, FL – This was our first year doing this, and we’re located in a pretty saturated area in Florida with Chiropractors on every corner. About 300 people attended the event, screened 129 kids, and 20 appointments were scheduled. My office was packed (and hot), and we had some problem with flow inside the office. We will have the event in another location next year. All in all, it was a wonderful, great event, and we were totally surprised with everyone that came through. Thank you very much! 
  • Amy (Mills Chiropractic Center), Kittanning, PA - This was our third year of doing Kids Day, and the previous years have also been wonderful. Due to the hurricane coming through, we were a little bit slower this year. But actually, it turned out to be a great day even though we didn’t see that many people as in previous years. The community donated our food, and it turned out to be a great event; we’re going to do it again next year! The town was closed because the river was rising too much, so a lot of people couldn’t get to the event. The people that attended had a wonderful time. Thank you! 
  • Phebe (Dr. Gregory Goffe’s office) – Centerville, OH – This is our third year of hosting the event. We screened over 200 children, scheduled 27 children and a couple of adults. We had a really good time and a lot of community involvement. Mrs. Ohio attended and a local character from our minor league baseball team was also there. We had a lot of support from the fire, police, and sheriff’s departments. Food was provided by various vendors and donated to charities after the event. We had a really big turnout and a great time. Every year, we have to hold the event in a new venue. This year we held in a much larger area which helped with the flow. We enjoyed ourselves, and the event went very smoothly. 
  • Dr. Edward Welch - Grants Pass, OR– This was our first year, and we had 92 station cards which worked out perfect because it was supposed to pour down rain. We had a lot of community involvement with the food and the fire truck was also there. The group we donated to is the Coalition for Kids. The event turned out great! We have 2 patients scheduled today and have a list of 20 or so we will call back. The event created good energy, and our staff is glad we did it. We might change from September to May because of activities within the community that also occur in September. We were happy to draw from the event and very pleased with the way it turned out. 
  • Dr. Rowena DeJesus office – Sugarloaf, PA - We had about 200 kids come through, and luckily the rain stopped. Overall, the event was successful and great! 
  • Dr. Lukas – Acworth, GA – Over 700 people attended our Kids Day event. Approximately 136 kids were ID’d, and we scheduled 25 follow-up appointments. The community wanted the event to last longer than 3 hours, and we got a lot of good feedback. We are looking forward to doing it next year. 
  • Dr. Dias-Zair – Peoria, AZ – This was our first Kids Day America event, and approximately 400 people showed up. We screened about 170 kids, and 44 people scheduled office visits. The mayor showed up and did a nice ceremony/speech. We had a very good turn out, and everyone had a great time. The community wants to get involved again next year. 
  • Dr. Stewart – Riverdale, NJ – We were amazed and blown away by our Kids Day event– we didn’t expect the crowd we had. We anticipated about 150 people, but had about 400 people attend. We screened about 75 people and 25 people scheduled follow-up office visits. I couldn’t leave my booth, it was just wall-to-wall people – it was really good. It rained, but the event was really great; people started lining up before the event started. We had a lot of people comment that it was very informative, and they had a lot a fun - we received a lot of positive input. 
  • Dr. Renner – Virginia, MN – This was our first Kids Day America event, and it went just beautifully. Lots of people showed up; we saw about 350 people come through. All the people helping couldn’t believe the order and control that people were showing as they went to each station. We screened about 130 people and scheduled 33 families plus a few individual people for office visits. Over 200 ID cards were done by our Police Department. The front page of our local paper had many pictures of our event, and we are thrilled. 
  • Dr. Covey – Orleans, Canada – Our Kids Day event was incredible. We braced ourselves for approximately 300 people, but well over 500 attended our event. The Police Department was extremely impressed with the number of people fingerprinted. We were able to book several follow-up office visits. It was great. 
  • Dr. J. Zablotney – Windber, PA – We had over 300 people attend our KDA event. We scanned 133 people, and over a dozen appointments have been scheduled. Everyone had a great time, and we received a lot of exposure in our local newspapers. 
  • Dr. T. Yasses – Batavia, NY – This was our first year doing Kids Day America, and the waiting line was so long it was incredible. People said they never saw so many people show up. We screened about 300 kids, and that many kids were also fingerprinted. We scheduled about 50 appointments in our office. It was an incredible event. 
  • And many more...
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